May 6, 2016

The life and news of Sister Rasmussen

Hello Family, 

How are you all doing? It sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend. :) Ya! for the fun times. I am so glad you were all able to relax for the most part. hahah! Can I just say the 2 things I would like to do when I get home....I know I have awhile but I want to prepare you all. hahah!! I would like to do a family trip to the temple and a family movie day where we go to the movies. I think that is adorable and amazing. It can even be on different days. SO mark it in your calendars. I want to spend all the time you all when I get home! :) 

But I am here so let me update you on the hip happenings. 

This week was good. We had exchanges and I took over the area. It was so nice and scary but the Sister Training Leader who was with me said really nice things about me. :) She told me to stop beating myself up...can you believe that I would do that! hahah yes of course. hahah!!! So that is something I am working on. I also studied hope. Hope that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing with me. Cause he does and he knows! So I have been working on that aspect.

We had a crazy weekend. Things got pretty heated in ward council this week. Like really heated. Ummm....curse words were said at us and bad things happen. There has been contention here from the start, and we didn't do anything wrong. They are upset at all of us. Any who it sent my comp into a fit of tears and well i was blessed with stern eyes. Any who, we went to church and made it through. Our president was notified and actions were taken. We had another meeting with bishop last night and worked through some things. There was a lack of trust with us as missionaries from mistakes of past missionaries. So that caused so much contention and miscommunication. It is interesting to see how Satan even gets to the lords servants. Both sides.  I don't tell you this to be afraid or to be mad just to update you. The missionaries will work through this and it will be alright. We pray for them and us for our hearts to be soften. WE are not mad or upset. It is just frustrating that the lack of communication and holding on to grudges ended so harshly. 

We heard from President that we will be emergency transferred from Florence this week. so please send all of those love letters you have all written me to the mission home. HAHAH! Are investigators will go to the Elders. It will be alright. We are not being transferred out because we cant deal with the situation, we resolved most of it. Or that that the work isn't progressing. it is because our mission president is inspired.  he cares for us. Also the mission we will be closing 23 areas because the wave of missionaries are leaving this summer. So he was going to take us out at the end of the transfer and he was like I feel like you should leave now. We also prayed about it and we felt that was the right thing. We are not sure when it will happen but sometime this week. We might be comps and we might not he said to us you will never hear me say this again but if you could stay together would you? and we both yelled YES! He said I will take to the Lord and he will decide for us. :) 

So that has been weekend/my Sunday. Today we are going to hopefully go sit on the beach and have some fun. HAHAAH!!! We have been blessed with each other and blessed to be in the area. We are both willing to do what the the Lord wants of us and since he said time to go it is time for us to leave this beautiful area. But all will work out. We have faith in him and hope we know he knows what he is doing with us. :) 

Sooooo... that is my life. hahahah!!! :) My mission is full of crazy crazy weird experiences. And I love it! 

I love you all. READ your scriptures and go to the temple this week. And pray for your enemies and don't beat yourself up! You are amazing wonderful children of God. And I am happy to call you MINE! 

Love you all.

Sister Rasmussen

1-2-3 Families forever 
Cross your roads careful remember I love you. 

May 22, 2015

Some things just happen....mission hands smell really good now

Good Day family! 

What's the work on the street? have you had a crazy week?? 

This week was great we went to ZTM and it was fantastic. It got us really jazzed about life. We got all pumped about the work and then we had a sisters lunch where we all went out to eat as sisters. And it was cute. We are so far away from each other it was nice to be with other missionaries. 

After ZTM we had a rough couple of days. Surprise we learn and grow and then fall flat on our face. hahah!!! :) But we are going to be fine just keep working hard and praying always. 

I want to tell you about some of the people we are teaching. :) 

T is a women we are teaching she married an RM and she had no interest in the church at all. she heard awful things about us and about Joseph Smith. Slowly her kids started taking the lessons and getting baptized she supported them. But she was sooo against joining the church. When my comp talked to her about 13 weeks ago she basically kicked the sisters out of her house and didn't want them to teach her daughter in her home. Now things have changed. She has a change of heart and has a date to be baptized. she realized that the church wasn't bad and all of those things were not true. :) She has been prepared and has seen the lords hand in her life. It is such a blessing to be able to teach her and see the changes in her life. 

L also married a member. Has met with missionaries before but never really clicked with any one. She has been meeting with us and we are close to getting her on date. This week we taught her about attending church. I felt so guided by the spirit to share with her how my family went to church on one of the hardest weeks of our lives and since then I haven't missed. Because if you can go to church when your life is turned upside down, you should always go to church. She was crying and she said okay I am in. I know the Lord has placed me here for a reason with this Companion with these people. He knows me and knows them and I am here to do his work! :) 

So those are some of my people and I love them dearly! 
The work is not easy. Being a missionary is not easy. But what in life is easy. I was reading today " Missionary work and the atonement" By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. He said missions aren't suppose to be easy. Salvation was never cheap. And during those hard times we are standing with Christ. A perfect man who endured all things to bring salvation to us all. 

That is what I focus on. I really know that it I am doing his work. And it isn't easy. But it is his work and it will always be worth it. 

Thank you for your love and support. I know you get me through each day. You are all amazing thank you for your shinning examples. The Gospel does in FACT bless families....Just look at us. 

I love you all. Don't forget he is always there all you have to do is ASK! 
-Read -Pray -Attend -Love each other 

I love you with all of my heart! 

Sister Rasmussen 

1-2-3 Families forever 
Remember who you are cross your roads careful and remember I love you.  

p.s. I LOVE YOU! 
p.s.s. my hands smell good cause of Krystal's package